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Why Research?

Research aims to find causes, reliefs, and ultimately, prevention and cure/s.

Get connected, take part, and have your say in research.

Test Tubes

Research Interest Groups - What are they?

RIGs are part of the Research Support Network - they:

●bring together people affected by Parkinson’s with an interest in research

●connect people with researchers in their region, to build relationships 

●raise awareness of Parkinson’s research happening locally (and further afield)

●encourage people to take an interest and get involved!

There are four RIGs in Scotland: Edinburgh, Dundee, West of Scotland, and the North of Scotland. We all welcome new members!

Please contact Liz Nash, if you’d like to hear more.

Science Lab

Parkinson's UK - accelerating breakthroughs in research

  • Research grants - We fund research at universities and hospitals, supporting outstanding scientists.

  • Virtual Biotech - Our drug discovery and development arm create treatments that can potentially stop Parkinson's and improve quality of life/symptoms.

  • Strategic partnerships - We collaborate with others internationally to accelerate research.

Every breakthrough is powered by people who care about Parkinson’s.

Everything we do in research is shaped, influenced and made possible by the community. 
We work to inform, engage and inspire more people to get involved in research

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