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Welcome to 2024

To read a New Year message from our Chair, David Michelson, click the button below!

Modern Bridge

An Interview with Sacha Ghandi
By David Michelson

David Michelson interviews Sacha Ghandi, who is doing an MD on Parkinson's disease, as they discuss new research using large-scale data analysis

About Us

The West of Scotland Research Interest Group, previously the Greater Glasgow Research Interest Group, exists to provide Parkinson's communities with news and information about research. We work closely with Parkinson's UK.

For more info, to find out what we have planned, please email us (link below).

"It is a difficult time of year for many of us. The pandemic, Ukraine, cost of living and energy costs  soaring would be easy to give up hope.  

Most articles about Parkinson’s stress  that there is no cure yet...   We all long for the big break through in the development of new treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s, but this  shouldn't detract us from acknowledging the significant initiatives and the substantial sums of money being pledged now."

- Colin Williams, chair of the West of Scotland Research Interest Group

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